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JAZZ or POPular music LESSONS!

I have taught students for over fifteen years at all levels and ages. This has included beginners, intermediate classical students, and all levels of students in jazz and popular music.


With younger, less-experienced piano students, I prioritize discovery, creativity, incremental achievements, and fun. As a student advances, I aim to encourage even higher levels of technique, creativity, and critical thinking as well as overall responsibility for learning - all while still keeping joy in music central. With all students, I try to be mindful of the differences in their learning styles and personalities.

While I do teach classical students regularly, I am a specialist in teaching jazz and popular music. I have taught several pianists as well as musicians on other instruments as well. My most advanced jazz students have successfully auditioned at leading undergraduate and graduate university jazz programs.

For further information about my extensive qualifications, please go to the pages for pianist-composer and teacher .

FOR MORE DETAILS email or CALl 647.997.5468.

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